“The Silicon Vagabond” on Jayde Sky Radio!

Last month I was asked to┬átalk live on my favourite Florida radio show, the Jayde Skye Radio show about my lifestyle as a travelling Vagabond. Or “The Silicon Vagabond” as Eddie named me.


the silicon vagabond



We had a great conversation, touching on topics ranging from:

Being an early startup employee. As one of the first employees of Meta.

What compelled me to leave a multimillion-dollar company with only a dream and broken pelvis.

How the finances of my new lifestyle work.

The experience that was and is Burning Man.

My work volunteering my time teaching game development.

How attitude, standards of living, comfort zones and contagious happiness effect my way of life and the life of others.

And a funny interaction I had with a new york cab driver mistaking my directions for local talk.


Check it out, and share your thoughts.
Starting at 7:13


Personally my favourite part of the show starts at 1:03:00 after I left the show and the great things they had to say about what I’m doing and how closely Eddie and Jayde are following my life.

Eddie: “he [Brennan] just reminds me of the people that are on their way to something great.”

It was a real honour to be on the show, thanks again to the Jayde, Eddie and the team at Jayde Skye Radio. Hopefully The silicon vagabond name sticks.