New Truck – New life! Living in a Chevy Blazer

Living in a Chevy Blazer

I bought a truck and am building it into a home! Check it out!

I am now living in a Chevy Blazer.

Quick life update

– Quit my job!

– Complete recovery from my previous broken pelvis and hand (video of me breaking my pelvis here). I even donated my crutches back to the hospital. The nurse at the desk said she remembered me because I had a wonderful girlfriend who took really good care of me.

Living in a Chevy Blazer

– Applied for 6 month tourist visa. Which will mean Im here until March 4th.

– Bought a truck! My first car purchase. 83 Chevrolet Blazer $1600 USD.

What do I keep in my truck?

I bought some materials to make a roof rack on the underside of the car for about $20 from Lowes. This allows for extra easy access storage without creating blind spots in the back windows. It also conceals the stored items by holding them against the roof. On this rack I keep
– Climbing Gear – Harness, Helmets, shoes, webbing
– Mountaineering Gear – Ice Axe, Crampons
– Pan
– Replacement windshield wiper
– Shovel

I keep most of my stuff in milk crates so I can rearrange it really easily. Milk crates are great, because they stack well if I need to move everything on top of each other to make space for setting up the back seats. They can be tied together to stop them from moving. Mostly these are filled with clothes, shoes and books, but they end up with other stuff sitting on top.

I have a few smaller boxes I use for sort small goods like random camping gear, batteries and textiles.
I also have a little box for my electronics, and a small cooler for my hard-drives.

I have an AC inverter to get power to charge my devices.

Bought a 5 Gallon sports drink cooler to use as a water tank – $20. Had to tie this into the frame of the car so it didn’t roll around or kill anyone if we had a crash.

A 4 gallon solar heated shower from amazon $15. It is in a black bag that sits on my roof and heats up in the sun. The water is also drinkable in an emergency too.

Mountaineering sleeping bag.
Backpacking sleeping pads.

Things I still need to solve?
– Cooking. I still need a stove of some kind. I’m thinking of buying a backpacking camper stove and just using propane.
– Refrigeration. A fridge takes up to much power, an Esky (cooler) needs ice. Both are too large. I want milk, not sure what to do about this one.

Any recommendations? Please comment below!!

Living in a Chevy Blazer

What am I doing now?

– Now a traveling vagabond, adventuring and exploring Hackerspaces living in a Chevrolet Blazer, teaching kids and anyone who wants to learn how to make games for free at the Hackerspaces!

Noisebrdige, SF

Noisebrdige, SF

The Generator, Reno

The Generator, Reno

Sudo Room, Oakland

Sudo Room, Oakland

Where will I be?

For the next two weeks my travels will look something like this

I will be between
– Sunnyvale
– Reno
– SF
– Oakland
– Yosemite

Other destinations this year include
– Denver, Colorado – Thanks Giving
– Sisters, Oregon – 10 day Vipassana Buddhist meditation
– Vermont – Friends. Cliff jumping with Cliff Life Productions
– Arcosanti, AZ. An Interesting city built by volunteers I’ve been told.
– Moab, Utah. National Parks!
– Texas. Friends
– Florida. Friends
– Every national park I can

Currently in Reno for the next week than Ren Fare next weekend!

Holler at me to come visit.

Big thanks to all my friends who have helped me out making this happen! You guys are seriously amazing and I love you all! Annie Harper, Nathan Shomer, Andrew Kmiecik , Chris Rojas , Rachel Kennison Rosi Haft in particular.

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