Mountain Biking and Cliff jumping, Tahoe . Emerald pools & Flume Trail

Mountain Bike the famous Tahoe Flume Trail. Saturday 8th.
Camping then Cliff Jump Emerald Pools. Sunday 9th.


Mountain Biking and Cliff jumping
Shot by Zach Liptalk


I will be leaving for Sacramento Friday 7th night from the Bay Area.
Very early Saturday 8th morning we will drive into Tahoe for the Flume trail.
Saturday night we will be camping somewhere by Emerald Pools.
Cliff jumping Emerald Pools Sunday 9th
Home Sunday arvo/night.

If you want in, best way to join us is at Tahoe Flume Trail early Saturday or Emerald Pools Sunday. Any questions, message my phone or facebook me!


What do you need for Mountain Biking and Cliff Jumping?

– Mountain Bike
– Camping
– Mountain Biking
– Swimming

Location of two destinations relative to each other

Check out this video of Emerald Pools by Scotty Ramhorn at Roadside Ventures



Featured Photo of Nick Coulter along Flume Trail