Surfing day with Brennan – Santa Cruz – Monterey

Surfing day with Brennan this weekend. Small surf, good for beginners!


What to bring


  • Board (rentals available probably about $35/day including wetsuit)
  • Wetsuit, long sleeve (recommended) or Swimmers, Cossies, Trunks, Boardies, Speedos, Swimsuits, however you want to say it.


  • Lights.
    • Head mounted
    • back up lights x 2
    • Batteries.
  • Helmet
  • water proof Matches
  • Clothing
    • Water resistant
    • Warm clothing (one of the greatest dangers of caving is hypothermia)
    • Warm socks
    • Stuff you don’t mind getting dirty (we will be crawling)
    • Map in water proof seal. *Everyone print off cave map and directions above independently*
  • Water / snacks


  • Sleeping Bag
  • Ground Matt
  • Guitar / other instruments
  • Tent / shelter
  • Cutlery

Skills required

– Know how to swim well. Can you do 20 laps of a pool? If not, message me. Maybe we can work something out.



Most people will be at beginner level. I use to be a coach, so this whole trip is pretty beginner friendly.

Surfing will be Saturday arvo at Santa Cruz and Sunday morning at Monterey. Camping in between (Both places have cheap motels for those not into camping).

Board should be rented on Saturday, as we will be surfing Sunday before the store opens. If you want for the store Sunday, you will likely miss the surf.

I have two sets of roof racks, each can hold 4 boards (total of 8 boards, between 2 cars).

If enough people are interested, some of us can leave/camp tonight and surf early tomorrow and caving after! (Anyone interested in caving see here)

Open invite, invite your friends!

Videos of previous trips

Surfing in Monterey

Caving in Santa Cruz

Fun in Santa Cruz

Car 1 – Leave Bay Area Friday.
Camp Santa Cruz Friday, location tbd.
Surf in the morning.
Cave midday.
Car 2 – Leave Bar Area Saturday and meet in afternoon.
Meet Saturday before 5pm in Santa Cruz for board rental. ~$35each/day (total $70 for two days)
Camp Saturday night, location tbd between Santa Cruz and Monterey.
Surf Sunday morning in Monterey.