Ephemerisle 2015 – The floating archipelago city of boat island’s

Night had fallen upon Ephemerisle. I sat with friends playing ukulele in small boat under single suspended chandelier. We gently glided along the Sacramento Delta, dodging the weeds and buoys our chandelier lit up. Looking on to the next island. A structure of bound boats alive with music and glowing LED’s. The center piece being an old large cruise ship.

SeaChandy, Ephemerisle 2015
Helen and Capt Bell’s SeaChandy, chandelier boat. Photo by Mary Wang, Ephemerisle 2015


The magic of Ephemerisle.


From the roof of this multi story floating island, Annie and I absorbed the beauty of this temporary glowing city sitting on top of the water. The center, Elysium. An archipelago (group of islands) made of bound together houseboats and sailboats. Each island at least 3 houseboats all connected by floating bridges. One of them our temporary home, Calypso Island.


The main island of the city, Ephemerisle
The main island group of the city of Ephemerisle, Elysium. Photo by Justin Jernigan


Delorean Hovercraft
Matthew Riese‘s Delorean Hovercraft. Photo thanks to Tammie Kl. See a video here

We danced Salsa on the floating dance floor. Chased around a Delorean hovercraft. Serenade while sunbaking naked on the roof of a houseboat. Visited glowing LED islands made of boats, a cruise ship island, Yachts, Sailboats, Houseboats, Motorboats, Art boats, a boat propelled by man powered wings, a floating cloud shaped art gallery, pirated boats with water pistols. Did flips off the top of boats. Walked floating bridges connecting a floating archipelago. Experienced art ships, floating galleries and disassembled the entire city in just a day. The Ephemerisle Community is truly a wonderful community creating things straight out of fairy tales.

Salsa on the Dancefloor of Elysium
Salsa on the Dancefloor of Elysium. Photo thanks to Annie Harper.


This magical seasteading community deserves much praise for what they have achieved. Many hard hours, from countless people and lots of money was put into the event. There is a crowdfunding campaign to help pay back the community members who were put out of pocket. Help Scott and Simone here for being such crucial parts of the organization of Ephemerisle.


*Feature photo by Jamie Eddy.

More photos of Annie and I here