Plans to climb Rainier

Nick Coulter ask me if I want to join him to summit Mount Rainier later this year. Check out his trailer video. He has set a goal that I have taken up with him of summiting all 14 Cascade peaks. So far I have done two, Lassen & Shastina (and he has done 4)
Rainier or Tahoma meaning “Great Snowy Peak” by the Yakima Indian is the highest volcano of the Cascade Range and the fifth highest mountain of the continental USA. Peaking at 14,411ft.
It is no simple weekend climb. This expedition will need the preparation of months and involve others with years of experience. Rainier is known for being the most heavily glaciated peak in The Low 48 (The United States minus Alaska). It is the Everest training grounds for many in the US.


End of July/early August. This is the best time of year to coimb Rainier


Rainier is located in Washington near Seattle. It is a 12 (15 including meals) hour drive from Sacramento, yes we plan on driving.


Nick Coulter – Is assembling the team and making it happen!
Tyler Stallings -Will be leading the way, in between his military training.
Nick Zmay – Is bringing a lot of experience to the table
Brennan Hatton is excited to be part of the team and documenting the journey.

If you want to be a part of this, now is the time to ask! Reach out to one of us! The best way to secure a spot is climb a mountain with us. I will be publishing my future moutaining plans at or in my facebook group so join the fun!
NB: This is not an easy trip, experience and training is necessary or you could kill us or yourself.


We just want to summit! We dont want to make it any more technical than it needs to be. We will be taking Disappointment Cleaver (What a fun sounding route!)

Safety & Training

– Glacier training is advised (if not required) for everyone going.
– Summit as much as you can beforehand.

Chronological Plan

Wednesday night
Drink lots of water.
Driving to Mount Lassen to spend the night. It is on the way, and will be good to sleep at a high altitude for acclimating. (~8000ft)

Drive 10 hours (Could take up to 15 hours) to Seattle.
Drink lots of water.
Big dinner. Either at the mountain or on the way.
Sleep at Trailhead (~8000ft)

Begin the hike.
Reach Muir Camp.


Drive home.

Hopefully we are home, but take this day off in-case we need it.

Planning TBD

– Pick date
– Get Permits

Climbing Mount Shasta

Climbing Mount Lassen

“Of all the fire mountains which like beacons, once blazed along the Pacific Coast, Mount Rainier is the noblest.”
John Muir