Indefinite backpacking preparation – What do I need?

So I plan to travel the world with only carry on. Besides the big questions still needing answering like
For how long? Lets assume indefinitely.
What will I be doing? Travelling, exploring, blogging, learning.
Where will I be going? Everywhere and anywhere.

I want to spend some time to focus on, what I will need.



Backpacking Systems

After reading ‘Ultralight Backpackin’ Tips: 153 Amazing & Inexpensive Tips For Extremely Lightweight Camping‘ by Mike Clelland I have learnt to break down my pack into systems for weight calculations.


1 –Eat. Everything food related, from Food itself, Stove, Fuel, Utensils and to Cooking equipment

2- Sleep. Sleeping bag, tent, ground matt.

3 – Warmth. Clothes.

4 – Pack. The carrying system itself. Pouches, stuff sacks, compression sacks, backpacks

5 – Safety. First Aid, maps.

6 – Misc. Towel, multi tool, tape

7 – Work. Laptop, power, internet, coms, money, camera

Which I will go into detail more on each with individual posts.


Gear Persistence

Indefinite backpacking preparation is not just about what you have in your pack. I have broken down my gear into groups of persistence. This is based on a practice documented by the  US Navy Seals, although I believe it predates them. I have modified their system slightly.

0 – Connected. Things you never take off. Even in the shower, like a watch. I only have one of these.

1 – Worn. Things you nearly always have on you, even in your sleep if you get good enough. Pockets and clothes fit into this.

2 – Mounted. Things you wear, but don’t always wear. For me, this is mostly belt mounted. Sometimes head mounted. Glasses and hats fit into this.

3 – Packed. Gear you carry in your pack.

4 – Transport. Gear you keep in your car

5 – Stock. What you keep at home.

Of course the goal here is to not require 4 or 5. But for the sake of logging everything I have them until I don’t


Gear testing

In doing my indefinite backpacking preparation, I have taken up a few key hobbies.

Backpacking so I can test my gear, regularly.

Indefinite backpacking preparation backpacking
Me hiking through Joshua Tree, Dec 2014

Mountaineering so I can test gear under extreme circumstances.

Indefinite backpacking preparation mountaineer

Me climbing Mt Shastina 12,329ft


Gear Weight

Another important lesson from UL Backpacking Tips is logging the gear weight for comparison.

Insert quote from book here

Quantify the value of your gear in weight. Let Math be the decider!

My incomplete indefinite backpacking preparation gear list

My list of gear and weight can be found here, although currrently is a little out of date:

A lot of people have helped me get to where I am with this today, either through recommendations, inspiration or just support Sorry if I forget to mention you
– Alex P
– Rosi Haft
– Andrew Kmiecik
– Chris Rojas
– Matt Bell
– Matt Bourne
Everyone on this post
– CA’ynon